Vitamin B: Methyl-B Complex – 60/120 caps


Methyl-B Complex Supports

Healthy Energy Levels,
Mental Clarity
Balanced Mood,
Properly Functioning Nervous System,
Resilient Immune System,
Normal Homocysteine Levels – essential for cardiovascular health,
Regulation of Hormonal Activity
Normal Synthesis and Metabolism of natural Steroid Hormones,
Vitamin D and some Neurotransmitters
Healthy Maternal Tissue Growth during pregnancy,
Healthy Cell Division and the formation of Red Blood Cells,
Energy Yielding Metabolism – necessary for all functions and activities of the body including physical exercise,
Protein and Glycogen Metabolism
Amino Acid Synthesis

Powerful Vitamin B blend available as 60 or 120 capsules.

Please take this supplement immediately after food. People may experience a “niacin flush” when starting on the B complex. Please note this is completely normal and will subside after around 30 minutes. Once the body gets used niacin the flushing will abate.


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Vitamin B: Methyl-B Complex – 60/120 caps
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