Join host of the Health Revolution show Clive de Carle for a one-day conference featuring leading international experts from the exciting and rapidly expanding world of energy medicine at a fabulous location at London Victoria.


You will discover the groundbreaking healing technologies invented by some of the greatest scientific minds including Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich, Robert Beck and Paul Oudin and find out why they have been hidden from history. 

You will have the opportunity to mingle with UK leading pioneering energy medicine practitioners, receive demonstrations and experience first hand a wide range of powerful healing devices designed in the 1920s through to the modern day.

Enjoy fascinating presentations and Q&As, meet like-minded people and find out how these incredible health technologies are enabling people to make rapid health advancements quickly and without the need for physical intervention.

Whether you have a health issue you want to resolve fast without the need for drugs, radiation or surgery or whether you are looking to become a practitioner yourself, this truly exciting and unique day is for you.  

Tickets: £75
Earlybird tickets: £55 (until March 1st) £65 (until April 1st)
Secret Health Club member ticket price: £50
​Organic, gluten-free, vegan buffet lunch available for £10. 

Sunday 3rd May 2020

5 Grovesnor Garden, Westminster, London SW1W OBD

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