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Immuno – Supercharge Your Immune System


Available in a 90g or 180g jar


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Pain Reduction
Alleviation of Fibrosis
Reduction of Scar Tissue
Reduction of Inflammation

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Osmio Fusion and Osmio Zero Installation Sanitisation Kit


Osmio Zero Installation Sanitisation Kit contains
2 empty blank quick change filters and
1 empty blank post filter with 4 Milton Tablets included.

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Osmio “Fusion” Reverse Osmosis System


The ‘plumbed-in’ version of the Osmio Zero is here! Ideal for larger families (5+). If you have less than 5 occupants we would recommend you check out the Osmio Zero. Osmio’s latest compact, countertop reverse osmosis water filter, the world’s first revolutionary, installed household Reverse Osmosis (RO) counter top water purifier which also serves to provide, ambient, hot and nearly boiling hot water at your fingertips with great ease of use and easy maintenance. A filter kettle like no other installed reverse osmosis system!

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Colloidal Silver (100ml)


10 parts per million silver solution in pure, distilled water.

Nature’s antibacterial

Effective for:

  • Dental Health
  • Topical Use
  • Ears / Eyes
  • Pets

And much more!

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Digestive Enzymes (90 Capsules)


A healthy and robust digestive system is the cornerstone of overall vibrant health. 

Clive de Carle’s Digestive Enzymes are a unique blend of proteolytic, carbohydrolytic and lipolytic enzymes, specifically formulated to jump start digestion in the upper stomach and boost nutrient uptake.


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